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Services We Provide

Cabinet Painting

We offer a variety of coating options for cabinet projects.

These include varying sheen levels, colors availability and will depend on the current condition of the cabinets

countryside decorating cabinet painting

Wallpaper Removal

We are experienced in the removal of wallpaper and the many potential issues that are involved in that process, considering the vast number and types of paper that have been available thru the years

countryside decorating wallpaper removal
countryside decorating staining and varnishing wood

Stain & Varnish Wood 

We provide the skill and attention to detail that is required in order to create excellent results on previously stained wood as well as brand new wood trim that has just been installed

countryside decorating interior painting

Interior Painting

Custom Trim

​Accent Walls

Crown Molding


French Doors

Ceiling Painting

Chair Rail

countryside decorating exterior painting

Exterior Painting



Multi Level





countryside decorating painting contractor logo

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