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Rece​nt Work Gallery

 cabinet painting 

the evolution continues at this longer term remodeling project. in this photo series the work that was done on an extended run of cabinets can be seen from beginning, in progress, as well as a final results photo or two. a decision was made prior to starting to defer on doing the cabinet fronts here for now, in order to focus on other areas of the home going forward. at least one unknown item had prevented the top from being a uniform finish across it's entire surface with prior ownership and it's outline is visible in the first photo below. color here was matched to the existing green. sheen used was satin.


 tabletop refinish 

in the first image this table can be seen just after it's arrival back at "headquarters". the remainder of the series show it's trip through various steps in the refinishing process.

this piece has been in the client's family for quite some time and has a high level of sentimental value attached to it.

the main idea from a refinishing aspect was to clean up all of the different scratches and dings from years gone by while maintaining the woodgrain's beautiful appearance.

in the final photo it has assumed it's rightful position back in a small dining section just off the kitchen in this home.

 cabinet painting 

these before, during and after photos from a recent master bathroom remodel show a pasco county cabinet set going from its original appearance over to a different blue.

the new color is sw9150 Endless Sea. the new sheen chosen was

semi-gloss. the homeowners have already begun working on some of the changes in the first photo by checking out some new drawer pull options.

after a decision was made to retain the existing doors & drawer fronts, stripping efforts on the old coating have begun. refilling the old drawer pull mounting holes was also required. sanding in this instance was done by both machine and hand.

primer is drying down, followed by more sanding.

medicine cabinet doors getting masked for spraying.

out with the old and in with the new.

final result

cabinet painting

this series shows the transformation of a pasco county kitchen cabinet set from its original appearance over to a more contemporary look. the homeowners chose untinted white in satin for the finish. progress photos below. 


Heading 1


bedroom remodel

this area may have originally been an

office with a small side bar in it but after some consideration, the homeowners here have made several changes in creating another bedroom. among them are new flooring, demo'ing out of the side bar's cabinets and adding organizer shelving in the closet space.


bookcases refinishing


twin bookcases surrounding a fireplace get a new look in this photo series from work that occurred in the fall of last year.

1 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
2 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
3 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
4 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
5 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
6 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
8 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg
7 countryside-decorating-bookcase-refinishing.jpg

custom finish on tongue & groove ceiling


the homeowners here have replaced an older lanai ceiling that had originally been done with drywall. the prior ceiling had been patched several different times and was in poor condition overall. after discussing various different looks with them and creating several samples, a white look was decided upon. a four inch brush was used in order to achieve the final result. the goal here was adding a fine and beautiful accent to the ceiling without burying the woods natural appearance.


cypress run fireplace wall remodel


these photos represent the general progression which has taken place. the very first picture depicts this wall in it's original form prior to the work truly starting. one item has however gotten a jumpstart in the process and that is the new countertop at left of the fireplace. it's seen here in unfinished form. it has been pre-installed and was long enough to provide enough surplus material to create the three floating shelves seen above it.


wallpaper removal


 a series of six photos showing what takes place during the removal of a small section of paper and the associated chair rail in this dining area adjacent to a kitchen. 




 these photos display a pergola over time as it is gradually remodeled by the homeowner. we were responsible for painting the wood aspects as well as creating a custom color for the pavers that was more vibrant than the old washed out appearance they had shown previously. the pavers color work was done using surplus pieces in order to confirm the new color. at that point a larger amount was made on site and applied to the pavers themselves.

transformation of a pergola

refinishing windows metal


 this set of photos display the results

available to those homeowners who have

older windows where the surrounding

metal frames have deteriorated over

the years and are in poor condition. 

going over vintage oil enamel


we are posting this set of photos from a past project in order to display the difference in appearance between old oil based trim that has picked up a yellowish cast to it over time and new waterbased enamel. 

countryside decorating trim painting (1)
countryside decorating trim painting_edi

stain matching


we were asked to create a similar appearance for new wood trim to that of existing stained wood for a pinellas county client. the age of the prior stain work is about forty-five years old and is very likely original to when the home was built. a 3 foot section was provided to obtain a reasonable match. also being done was a single new flat pocket door. 

in the first two photos below, we've begun checking

various color samples and potential material types as we work on the stain match.

in the photo below, the new door's surface is shown after a few color coats of tinted material have been sprayed on. final finishing on site will involve sanding the door followed

by a satin varnish.

cypress run exterior


in these photos we see a chimney in poor condition go from setting up to start the work during the prep stages through to the final coat of paint. several issues were corrected along the way including filling holes left from a satellite dish that had been removed, treating some spot rust, caulking the wood trim and finally the stucco itself was refinished to eliminate what would have been a poor looking result after so much of the old coating has come off.