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refinishing cabinets in pasco county 


we start this series off with a few images showing the condition of the cabinets prior to work beginning. the old drawer pulls are being replaced for a more modern look. 

Since 1981

during photos


some sanding dust is still visible on these doors in the picture directly below as we get ready to go over them with stain to bring out more of the wood's grain. in the second picture the surrounding areas have been masked off as we get ready to put a clear coat on over the stain.

after photos

in this particular case a satin sheen was used for the clear coat. here are some close-up views of the completed work. 

cypress run exterior 


as we head into the summer our work has steadily continued in phases here at this location. 

the homeowner's were so pleased with how 

bone white (oc-143) looked on the interior wall spaces that they chose to use it on the exterior as well after pondering several potential color combinations. sheen being used is satin. the first area that has been done outside is this rear lanai.

refinishing cabinets in pasco ​county 


the property owner here chose to have three bath cabinet units done in white to match the sinks and surrounding trim. sheen was semi-gloss.

before photos